Amazing Elegant SF City Hall Mayor’s Balcony Weddings

Bride and groom stand together on the Mayors Balcony of SF City Hall

SF City Hall Mayor’s Balcony weddings are a romantic and exclusive way to have a private ceremony. Located with a view of the majestic rotunda, the Mayor’s Balcony exudes timeless elegance. Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of ornate marble and architecture of City Hall.

Couples can enjoy a sense of privacy and intimacy as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. Whether you’re planning a lavish affair with many guests or an intimate gathering with your closest loved ones, the Mayor’s Balcony provides the perfect setting to tie the knot.

As a San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer, I have photographed many weddings on the Mayor’s Balcony and the Fourth Floor North Gallery.

Ceremonies at the Mayor’s Balcony

SF City Hall Mayor's Balcony Weddings

Bride and parents walk down the aisle at SF City Hall Mayors Balcony Weddings

Bride and parents walk down the aisle

Ceremony on Mayors Balcony of SF City Hall

Groom looks at bride

Wedding Kiss at City Hall

Bride raises her arm up in joy at the end of her wedding ceremony

Bride groom and officiant laugh at end of wedding ceremony

Family group photo on the Mayors Balcony of SF City Hall wedding

Couple exchanges vows at their SF City Hall Mayors Balcony wedding

Ring exchange and kiss at wedding

Ring exchange at SF City Hall Mayors Balcony wedding
Bride and groom smile at their wedding ceremony

Questions About SF City Hall Mayor’s Balcony Weddings

1. How do I reserve the Mayor’s Balcony for my wedding?

Contact the Special Events Office to book your private SF City Hall Mayor’s Balcony wedding.

View the event calendar for availability. Reservations with the Special Events Office must be made at least 4 weeks in advance.

Email: | Phone: 1-415-554-6079 | Fax: 1-415-554-7446

2. How much does it cost to rent the Mayor’s Balcony for my wedding?
The rental fee is $1000 to reserve the Mayor’s Balcony for one hour.

3. How many guests can join us?
The seated capacity is 40, and standing capacity is 100.

4. When is the Mayor’s Balcony available?
The Mayor’s Balcony is available to rent for private one-hour ceremonies on weekdays, Monday – Friday.

The typical time slots for wedding ceremonies on the Mayor’s Balcony are:
10am – 11am
12pm – 1pm
2pm – 3pm

5. Can you bring your own officiant to SF City Hall?
If you are having a private ceremony on the Mayor’s Balcony, you must provide your own ceremony officiant.

You can hire an officiant who can create a meaningful wedding ceremony that reflects your values. They can help you create personalized wedding vows and have ceremony that suits your personalities.

Also, you can have a friend or family member perform your ceremony who meet the requirements set forth by the State of California.

6. How do I get a marriage license?

You must have a marriage license 90 days before your wedding date.

You can make an appointment in any county in California for a marriage license. You can make an appointment with the Office of the County Clerk in San Francisco here.

7. Can I have musicians at my ceremony?

Acoustic music may be played with advance approval, and musicians must be selected from the qualified list from the Special Events Office. No more than two musicians are allowed to perform.

8. Can I rent chairs for my ceremony?
Chairs are available for an additional rental fee, and the charivari chairs are a nice upgrade!

Tips for Your SF City Hall Mayor’s Balcony Wedding

  1. If you are would like to take photos inside City Hall when there are less people around, then I recommend reserving the earliest time slot that is available. That way we can take portraits before your ceremony, and there will be less people inside the building.
  2. By taking portraits before your ceremony, it will be easy to leave City Hall with your guests especially if you have a reception planned immediately following your time at City Hall.
  3. Interested in a First Look? Scheduling time for your First Look before your ceremony guarantees that you ave some private time with each other in a meaningful way.
  4. Tuesdays and Wednesdays seem to be the less crowded days for wedding at City Hall.
  5. Ask your officiant and guests to arrive early for your ceremony. They should be aware that they must go through security at the front door of City Hall and that can cause delays.


Lilia will guide you on your wedding day. She is an expert San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer with over 17 years of experience.

She understands the ins and outs of getting married at City Hall. She will take you to the best locations for photos, and help you look your best and feel at ease in photos. She will document your wedding from start to finish.

Just relax and enjoy your special day!