Kerry & Ryan

Lilia is THE BEST! Lilia photographed my wedding in Berkeley in October 2010, and shot an engagement session for my wife and me in the Mission in July 2010.

I guess I should start with the photos, since that’s really what we’re after when it comes to a photographer. Lilia shots are both beautiful and personal. They’re really evocative of the tone and spirit of my wedding, which we planned as a non-traditional event. The amazing thing is, not only do the photos look great and capture the emotion of the event perfectly, they show moments of our special day that my wife and I were so caught up to not even notice as they were happening. Lilia did a great job of capturing all the important and traditional events and details throughout the wedding (e.g., dressing, flowers, portraits, service, toasts, first dance, cake cutting). But more importantly, they really show the perspective of time and place — there’s a point of view to most of the shots from the reception that really place the viewer in the thick of the action. This was extremely important to us when choosing a photographer, and Lilia really delivered!

But, almost as important as the product in our experience with Lilia was the interaction. Lilia really made us feel like she understood our needs and struck a nice balance of giving us what we asked for and guiding us towards the best possible way to execute. She was by far the most organized, attentive, and responsive vendor we hired during the long wedding-planning saga, and she always made us feel like she not only had the time for us, but that she actually enjoyed working with us and, if anything, would spend more time with us if we would let her! Lilia is super nice, warm, and enthusiastic, which are all important traits for a photographer. However, she’s also smart, thoughtful, and thorough, which are characteristics that are hard to find in any person, no less a wedding vendor.

To be absolutely honest, there wasn’t a single moment during our entire interaction with Lilia when we even had the shade of doubt or regret — she constantly built our trust and delivered with confidence. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Lilia to any friend looking for top-notch event photography with a distinct point of view.

Lisa Marie & Richard

It is a complete pleasure to recommend Lilia as a wedding photographer. From the very start, we were so pleased with everything she did to make it the best choice we made… I would not change a thing!

We never met her in person beforehand. But her gorgeous portfolio & initial phone conversation were enough to give us complete confidence in her personality, talent & vision. We got married at SF City Hall, just the two of us, and Lilia knows every in and out of the process. Her guidance, hard work, patience, creativity, time, thoughtfulness and open-mindedness were invaluable to us on that very special day. She went above and beyond as our witness, creative director and photographer.

She took extra time with us and adapted our locations based on weather and opportunity. We have the most amazing slideshow set to music and a stunning gallery of photos that make us look like a real celebrity wedding. Truly we were blown away by every last shot. The color, light, angles, and, what’s most, the emotion, captured in them just astounded us. We are beyond thrilled with them!!!!! Our main concern was that our photos would look like a lot of other couples’ photos. Not at all! They are 100% us and we are SO happy with every last one.

The day went so fast we are so happy to be able to relive it and notice all of the details we may have missed. Lilia’s photos are a treat for the senses! We are so grateful for the care and time she put in. They are utterly artistic and incredible. Overall the experience was so much more than we had even imagined. We knew Lilia was very creative & talented. She is also a wonderfully sincere person, VERY professional, and took our day seriously and with respect even while having a great time with her. I have at least 2 friends who made grave mistakes in their choice of wedding photographers and have lived to regret it as they can’t even stand to look at their photos. That lesson led us to choose someone as special as Lilia, and we will live a life with blissfully beautiful photos because of it. Every cent we paid was one of the wisest investments we will ever make…

Lilia, you have made our whole family so happy. They felt like they were there through your remarkable photos. Thank you, thank you again. We will be admiring them for days, weeks, years and that is the greatest wedding gift we could have.

Kristy & Patrick

Lilia is completely amazing. The photos are amazing. Lilia delivered them exactly when she said she would, with no prodding or reminders. She was willing to get down in the dirt and take photos to get the right ones–very into what she’s doing yet relaxed and friendly at the same time. My husband’s godmother (also a photographer) said quote, “However much you paid for them is worth it. They make my photos look like an amateur.”

I really can’t say enough about them, but her ratings on Yelp speak more than I ever could. I appreciated having a reliable vendor who was accommodating and friendly, who did their job amazingly, and made my day (at least as far as the photos were concerned) go off without a hitch.

Ariel & Aron

Thank you so much for your amazing photography during our wedding. The whole bridal party had fun during our photo sessions before the wedding and enjoyed your amusing instructions. Also, you really made Aron and I feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo-taking. Aron and I got the album today! We looked through it and it’s awesome. We really like it. You did a fantastic job, and it will be an amazing memory of our big day forever. Thanks for being an amazing photographer!