SF City Hall Fourth Floor Weddings

Bride and groom stand together at their SF City Hall Fourth Floor wedding

SF City Hall Fourth Floor weddings are spectacular! The architecture is an amazing aspect of getting married at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. SF City Hall offer private spaces for a one-hour ceremony to accommodate larger groups of people.

The Fourth Floor North Gallery is a gorgeous ceremony area inside City Hall. It features amazing natural lighting, and a private area for you to be married in the company of your closest friends and family.

Rental Fee: $1000 to reserve either the Fourth Floor (North Gallery) or the Mayor’s Balcony.

Time: 1 Hour

Availability: Monday – Friday only.

Capacity: You may have up to 60 guests seated. Up to 100 guests standing.


Bride and groom smiling and walking at the end of their SF City Hall Fourth Floor weddings

Bride walks down the aisle with her mother while the groom walks with his parents

Groom exchanges vows with his bride

Bride places ring on the hand of the groom

Bride and groom smiling at their San Francisco City Hall wedding on the Fourth Floor North Gallery

Bride and groom smile during their City Hall wedding in San Francisco

Ring exchange between bride and groom

Happy bride and groom after ceremony kiss

Bride and groom exchange wedding vows

Family smiles at wedding ceremony

Ceremony Kiss

Guests watch a SF City Hall private ceremony on the Fourth Floor North Gallery

Family Photos on the Fourth Floor

Family members join the happy couple in a family portrait

Family group photo at SF City Hall Fourth Floor wedding

Bride poses with her sisters at SF City Hall Fourth Floor wedding

Group photo

SF City Hall Special Events Office

Contact the Special Events Office to book your private Fourth Floor or Mayor’s Balcony City Hall wedding.

View the event calendar for availability. Reservations with the Special Events Office must be made at least 4 weeks in advance.

Email: | Phone: 1-415-554-6079 | Fax: 1-415-554-7446

Marriage License & Certificate

You must have a marriage license 90 days before your wedding date. You can make an appointment in any county in California for a marriage license. You can make an appointment with the Office of the County Clerk in San Francisco here.

Ceremony Officiant

If you are having a private ceremony, you must provide your own ceremony officiant. You can also have a friend or family member perform your ceremony who meet the requirements set forth by the State of California.


Acoustic music may be played with advance approval, and musicians must be selected from the qualified list from the Special Events Office. No more than two musicians are allowed to perform.


Chairs are available for an additional rental fee, and the charivari chairs are a recommended upgrade.

Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Lilia will guide you on your wedding day. She is an expert San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer with over 17 years of experience. She understands the ins and outs of getting married at City Hall. She will take you to the best locations for photos, and help you look your best and feel at ease in photos. She will document your wedding from start to finish.

Just relax and enjoy your special day!


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