You have decided to include one of your most honored guests at your wedding — your dog! How to include your dog in wedding photos is all about capturing the joy and love you share with them. With a little planning and consideration, you can create lasting memories of your special day with your beloved furry friend.

Are you wondering how to include your dog in wedding photos? Hi! My name is Lilia and I am a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer who has photographed many couples with their dog on their wedding day, I have created a guide with tips, ideas, and inspiration to help you capture beautiful moments with your furry friend.


This could be a friend or family member who is acquainted with your dog. Or you can hire a pet handler. This person should be someone your dog is comfortable with and who can manage them during the photo session. Hiring a pet handler/sitter is a great way to have someone who can take care of your dog after they have made an appearance at your wedding. Check with friends for recommendations for pet sitters or search on


Check with your wedding venue to make sure that they allow dogs on the property. If it is important to include your dog on your wedding day, choose a wedding venue that is pet-friendly and that has outdoor space where your dog can join in the celebration.


Dress your dog in a cute outfit or a floral collar that matches your wedding theme. Avoid anything uncomfortable or restrictive, and make sure the accessories are safe for your pet.


It helps to bring your dog’s favorite treats and toys to grab their attention and keep them engaged when taking photos. Make sure your dog has access to water to stay hydrated.


Some of the best photos happen spontaneously. Allow your dog to be themselves, and let your photographer capture natural, candid moments of you interacting with your dog.


Prioritize your dog’s safety. Make sure the environment is safe and free from potential hazards. Keep them on a leash or harness if necessary, and communicate with your photographer about any specific concerns.


Have a plan for when your dog’s part in the photos is complete. Make sure your dog is cared for after their time in the spotlight. Hiring a pet sitter is a great way to have someone take care of your dog away from the wedding venue. That could involve taking them to your home, to your hotel room, or at the home of your pet sitter. You will want your dog to be with someone in a quiet and comfortable space.

Lilia Ahner is a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer. Her mission is to tell your love story and capture the timeless moments, emotions, and details of your wedding day. Her photos are candid, timeless, vibrant, and true to color.

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